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Lawn Games

Lawn games are the perfect way to get outside during the summer and enjoy the fresh air. They’re ideal for get-togethers with family or friends and provide the perfect opportunity to socialize alongside a bit of friendly competition.

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Another advantage of lawn games is that they require very little in the way of equipment and their rules are generally easy to understand. Children and adults can enjoy lawn games.  

Hoping to enjoy lawn games this summer? Read on to find out more about the four most popular lawn games.

1. Croquet

Croquet is easy to master and fun to play. It requires knocking balls through a course of wickets using a small, wooden mallet. Wickets are arches that can be inserted into the ground to form the course. Players receive one point when they knock a ball through a wicket. Adding to the difficulty of croquet is the fact that other players may try to hit opponents’ balls with their own balls and knock them off-course. This is called a “rouquet.” The player who successfully hits an opponent’s ball gets another turn. The winner is the first person to get their ball through all the wickets. 

2. Lawn Bowling

Organized lawn bowling features 120 feet lanes, but you can create your own lawn bowling lane using any long, flat area in your yard. The jack ball is usually white or yellow. It is rolled down the lane first. The goal of lawn bowling is to roll your ball closets to the jack ball. The person who rolls their ball the closest to the jack ball is the winner for the round. Usually, players engage in several rounds and add up the points for each round to figure out the winner of the game.

3. Horseshoes

Horseshoes is another entertaining lawn game that can played with very little in the way of materials. All you need are some horseshoes—not necessarily real ones—and some stakes. The stakes are driven into the ground and surrounded with sand or dirt. You can mark off lines around each stake which constitute additional points. Each player has the same number of horseshoes and/or throws. Points are determined according to how close the horseshoes land to the stake. Getting the horseshoe on the stake will get you the most points. Add up the points after several rounds to find out who is the winner. 

4. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball requires a flat area as long as possible. You will need to mark a starting line. The game is played in teams, usually of four people. The first player from one of the teams rolls the jack ball onto the course. Players take turns rolling, throwing, or bouncing the bocce ball to try and get as close as possible to the jack ball. After the round is over, the team whose ball is closest to the jack earns one point for every ball closer than the nearest ball of the opposing team’s. Players also have the option to use their throw to knock one of the opposing team’s balls further from the jack.

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