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Locum Tenens

Locum tenens is a phrase that originated in Latin that means “to substitute for”. It is common in the health care community for physicians, administrators and other roles in health care to take part in locum tenens physician staffing assistance.

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It can provide areas in need of health care services with the staffing and services they require, so that patient care quality can be maintained. Locum tenens is used for a variety of different reasons including adding a new position, staff illness, maternity leave coverage, patient increase and more. Locum tenens gives added flexibility for facilities to plan their staffing needs.

Locum tenens was first introduced in the 1970s and quickly became a growing field to efficiently staff the health care industry. There are many locum tenens agencies and companies that will provide the physician staffing required at hospitals, medical centers, group homes, correctional facilities, hospice care and more. Many different positions are available on a locum tenens basis including physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners and more.

Locum tenens can occur at any stage in a person’s career. It gives greater freedom and new experiences that can help further a person’s career and increase their job satisfaction. Many locum tenens agencies will help staff connect with the right job, travel needs, lodging and licensing required. Many different physicians, nurses and other health care works choose tenens work because it gives increased flexibility, allows for travel opportunities, greater income potential and gives the opportunity to gain more clinical experience. Locum tenens positions are available in every state. You can find out more about locum tenens opportunities by searching online.

Physician Jobs

A career is a physician is a rewarding one where you can make the difference in many people’s health and lives. Physicians can choose to be general practitioners, or may choose to become specialized in a certain area. There are many different health care settings in which a qualified physician can work including hospitals, medical centers, correctional facilities and more. A physician may choose to work at a given heath care setting full-time, may choose to work at different facilities on certain days, or may work short periods of time at different facilities to gain greater experience.

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