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Long Distance Calling Cards

Calling cards allow people to keep to cut down on their long distance fees. Long distance calling cards were invented in the 1970’s. The cluster of european nations had a large number of people having to pay very heavy international rates to speak with their friends, relatives and business contacts.

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An Italian company began producing calling cards as a way to reduce people’s costs in any situation. From this, calling cards spread across the globe to help try to reduce people's long distance costs. Calling Cards have fell off a bit in popularity of late due to the proliferation of mobile phones. With telephones moving all the time, phone companies couldn’t stick to their traditional static long distance platform. But “use anywhere” plans still have restrictions and fees waiting for you and long distance calling cards still offer an incredible way to keep your phone bill reasonable.

Calling Card for Phones

Calling Cards work with all forms of phones. It’s been assumed you need a landline to use them but that is not true. With the outrageous costs of specific minutes, overages and roaming while using cell phones, calling cards can actually be very beneficial for cell phone users as well! Cell phone plans can be very pricey. Why give your mobile carrier even more incentive to rake you across the coals with unexpected fees?

Benefits of Long Distance Calling Cards:

  • Reasonable International Calling: Arguably the main benefit of long distance calling cards is the rates they offer for international calls. International calls can be ridiculously expensive even when it’s cases of close neighboring countries. This can be especially tedious for people living geographically near the borders of countries. Someone in close proximity geographically may realistically be too costly to contact. Niagara Falls, USA and Niagara Falls, Canada suffer from this issue pretty readily. Long distance calling cards can reduce the cost of calls by 95%. This is a ridiculously great deal. The prices used for international calls are actually arguably cheaper than using a VOIP system. Additionally the long distance calling cards can go with you everywhere you go so you have full flexibility in when you wish to call your international contacts.
  • Great for Travel: Long distance calling cards are great for travel. When you’re travelling to another country you should absolutely make sure you have a long distance calling card with you. Hotels charge huge amounts of money to make long distance calls. When you’re travelling your cell phone is going to be using international cell towers. This means that another cell company will be charging your company who will in turn be charging you even more on your next bill. All of this can simply be avoided by using a long distance calling card.
  • Emergency Situations: It’s useful to have an active calling card for Emergency situations. Quite simply you can never count on having your mobile phone working every second you need it. Having a calling card means you have prepared for any situation and if you need to suddenly make a long distance call from any location or situation you can get it done.

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