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If you are someone who enjoys traveling you understand how important it is to have the right luggage to keep your items organized and secure. When shopping for new luggage you should look for quality materials and great prices.

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Keep reading to find out more about luggage, and what type might be right for your next trip. 

Carry-on Bag

A carry-on suitcase is one that you are able to take in the plane with you during your flight. This allows you to pack an extra set of clothes, your computer, books, snacks, tablet and more so that you have everything you need while on the plane. Carry-on luggage is available in hard-side and soft-side materials. Look for a carry-on bag that has lots of pockets and compartments for storage so that you can stay organized while traveling. You should make sure that you know what size and weight is allowed as a carry-on for your flight as it varies from airline to airline.

Upright Suitcase

An upright suitcase allows you to easily transport even the heaviest of bags with ease. An upright suitcase is outfitted with wheels (either two or four) and has a handle that can be set at different lengths for easy handling. You can purchase upright suitcases in hard-side and soft-side materials. An upright suitcase may cost a bit more, but it is well worth it for trips that you are bringing with a lot of items and clothing.

Duffle Bag

A duffle bag is a good travel bag for business trips or weekends spent at the cottage.  A duffle bag can be casual or professional in design with a wide variety of fabrics and finishes available. Many duffle bags come with two or four wheels so that it can be set on its side and rolled on the ground. When you are shopping for a duffle bag look for one that have many different compartments to securely hold your electronics and toiletries.


A backpack is a multiuse bag that isn’t just meant for school. There are many backpacks that are suitable for traveling for business, leisure and adventure. If you are looking for a backpack think of what you are going to be using it for. Look for one that is made of quality materials with lots of zip up compartments for your all of your items. Also make sure that the straps of the bag are thick enough to comfortably sustain weight without straining your back and shoulders.

Toiletry Bag

When traveling it is very important to make sure that all your liquids are securely packed so that they will not spill. Your toiletries may include many different products including toothpaste, lotions, creams, shampoos and conditioners that need to be sealed in waterproof compartments on containers. Many toiletry bags come complete with small plastic containers that you can put some of each of your products in and label them. This allows you to have everything you need without having to transport huge bottles and containers. The toiletry bag that you choose should be easy to clean and organize.

Have a set budget and know your needs before you start shopping for luggage pieces. Keep in mind your needs not only for your upcoming travel but for vacations and trips in the future. Look for basic luggage designs that are made out of quality materials so that they will last you for years.

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