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Medical Alert

Medical alert systems and products can help to keep you and those you love safe and confident when they are on their own. Medical alert systems are a great option for those who are older, suffer from medical conditions, live alone or require assistance.

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There are many different medical alert systems and products to choose from including portable devices that may be worn as a necklace, belt loop pendant or wristband. Medical alert systems may also include a programmed smart phone, motion detectors, fall detection sensors, open/close door notification systems, device usage sensors (iron, stove) and emergency push buttons. Alert systems may also include GPS monitoring to track the movements and location of the user (which is especially helpful for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease). Medical alert systems either give off active or passive alarms. Active alarms require some sort of action to set off the alarm, passive alarms raise an alarm based on a change in an algorithm (lack of movement). You can easily find the right medical alert system that meets your needs and budget by doing your research.


Lifeline is a very user-friendly personal response service that can allow you or your loved ones to obtain help 24/7. Phillip’s Lifeline can allow for help to be summoned even if the person requiring help cannot speak. Lifeline has a Personal Help Button that can be worn as a bracelet or pendant. It allows for the right help to be dispatched instantly by a trained personal response associate.  Lifeline offers peace of mind in a variety of different settings including in homes, hospitals, retirement homes, and healthcare facilities. Lifeline also features AutoAlert, which notifies help if the user has fallen. Lifeline’s signature discrete call button can be worn.

Emergency Alert

An emergency alert system can keep yourself or those who you love who are at a high risk of a medical emergency safe and monitored. An emergency alert system can alert the necessary contacts in case the user has been injured or requires medical assistance. If you or someone you know is at risk of a medical emergency consider getting a personal alert system. There are many different types of emergency alert systems available depending on the monitoring requiring. Many emergency alert systems will feature a button that the user can press in case of emergency. Emergency alerts may also feature pendants, bracelets and other personal devices that can alert emergency personnel if needed. Smart phones and in-home monitoring systems including sensors can also be used to provide emergency alerts.

Medical ID Jewelry

Medical ID jewelry can help to notify others of medical conditions that the wearer might have that require immediate attention. This medical identification jewelry can help for people to get the proper medical attention they require based on their condition. The most common form of medical ID has a logo or inscription which indicates the medical condition that they have. There are many different types of medical ID jewelry including bracelets, tags, necklaces, pendants and wearable USBs that contain medical information. Medical alert jewelry may be a wrist strap, pendant or necklace that features a button that can be pressed for medical assistance in times of emergency. Most medical alert jewelry is made out of sterling silver, gold, silver, stainless steel and silicone.

You can easily find the best medical alert solution for yourself or a loved one by researching offerings and comparing costs. Knowing that the right help is available immediately and proactively monitoring the user can give you the peace of mind you need.

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