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Mobile App Analytics

What are Mobile App Analytics?

Mobile application analytics are a set of tools for professionals who want to maximize the potential of their apps. If you are launching an app, mobile app analytics include data that can help you to understand how people use your app.

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For instance, mobile app analytics include information about how many users have downloaded your app, as well as the number of active users at any given time. These analytics can also help you to understand how users interact with the app, including the most used features and the most ignored features. You can also use mobile app analytics to help identify how your users find your app, and the access points that generate both the largest number of users and the most engaged users. Finally, mobile app analytics can help you to pinpoint technical issues and weaknesses most often cited by users.

Read on to find out how you can make the most of mobile app analytics to boost sales and engagement with your app.

Pinpoint Targeting

Pinpoint targeting refers to the practice of pinpointing a particular audience based on their location. Pinpoint targeting may also be called geotargeting. This method involves targeting audiences confined to a particular zip code, street address, county, state, or country. The location can be as small or as large as is necessary.  

Customer location information can be tremendously valuable when it comes to targeting potential app users or customers. You’ll not only be able to make your app more relevant to those who use it, you’ll also be targeting the audiences that are most likely to benefit from using your app. If your app helps people find pool maintenance services, for instance, you probably won’t be successful finding customers in colder climates—at least in the winter. You’ll want to use pinpoint targeting to make sure you’re advertising to people likely to require your services at any given time.

Optimizing Ad Spending

How should you advertise your mobile app? Mobile app analytics can help you to see and understand what types of ad spending offers the highest ROI. With millions of apps now available, it’s harder than ever to make your app stand out from the crowd—which means that you need to be smart about how and where you spend advertising money. Some of the most successful sources of app downloads come from advertisements on social media, photo and video services, in chat applications, as well as by word of mouth. Investigate the investment required and use mobile app analytics to understand where your biggest ROI comes from.

Boosting ROI

Mobile app analytics are arguably the best tool to help you understand how your app is performing and boost ROI. Analytics include all of the data required for your app developers to improve user experience, which means more time spent using the app. Assessing the effectiveness of ad spending, is another important way to boost ROI. Remember that lifetime users are more valuable than those who will download the app, use it once, and never look at it again.

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