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Mobile Payment Systems

Businesses need to make sure they are always staying competitive. As more companies are mobile and appearing where their customers need them, they need to have a mobile payment system to match.

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It’s always important to meet your customer's’ needs and to do so with convenience. This is part of how you get repeat customers. Mobile banking is here to stay and it’s important to be involved.

Mobile credit card readers are currently one of the best and most common ways to accept payments while on the go. They are convenient, work anywhere and start with only needing a smartphone. You will require apps and sometimes a piece of additional software but it’s still a very minimal outlay to get things up and running.

Mobile credit card readers usually work with swipe cards. This helps make the system smaller, and more convenient. After swiping the card, the user will verify with their signature on the smartphone. After that they will receive their receipt to the email address they enter onto the smartphone.  It’s a quick efficient system.

What Should Businesses Do to implement Mobile Credit Card Readers?

In order to use mobile processing, you will need to set up accounts for your business with credit card processing companies. This will allow you to take major credit cards for processing. Whichever mobile system you use, there will be an app or apps that you need to have access to on your smartphone. One app will be for wifi transactions, the other will allow it to work through phone lines. You will need a physical card reader which is usually called a “dongle”. There are several companies that provide dongles and credit card processing.

  • Square - Square is currently the leader in mobile credit card payments. It’s excellent for growing businesses and supports businesses well.
  • SparkPay - SparkPay is a bit different because it doesn’t support a standard fee structure. Check out the fee structure and determine if the non-traditional structure works for you.
  • Cartwheel Register - Cartwheel doesn’t require any hardware, which can be convenient.
  • PayPal Here - PayPal Here offers a chip and pin system which provides additional security and comfort to customers. It also has the established PayPal name behind it and all the many years of their internet transactions.
  • QuickBooks GoPayment - QuickBooks has been excellent accounting software for quite some time now. The ability to link in GoPayment with their accounting software allows a seamless integration and more automation.
  • CDGcommerce -The best aspect of CDG Commerce is they have a good fee structure. Prices are lower than most of their competitors.
  • Flagship ROAMpay - Flagship ROAMpay excels with their customer support. For companies that like to have a strong support structure, Flagship ROAMpay is probably the one to go with.

It’s important to ensure that the company you choose to handle your mobile credit card payments matches the needs of your company. If you want to go to the cheapest fees, that’s an option. If you want integration into your accounting software you can get that as well. In the end there’s customization options available for every business!

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