Modern Shaving Technologies and Products -

Modern Shaving Technologies and Products

Now, more than ever, shaving is a statement. It’s a way for people to show off their own personal style to the world. The amount of options when it comes to facial hair styles continues to rise.

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That means if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to take advantage of shaving devices to look your finest.

Shaving has come a really long way from disposable razors or getting a shave at the barbershop. Technology continues to advance. It makes shaving feel more comfortable. It makes shaving easier and quicker. It allows shaving to be precise. The reality is that new shaving technology makes it a completely different experience from what people used to have to deal with.

Modern Shaving Technology

There are a lot of things that have been developed for shaving that weren’t available in the past. So what has made shaving better through technology? Here are some of the things that make shaving so great:

  • Sharper Razors - It may sound odd, but the razors themselves are sharper and stay sharper longer. A surprising amount of research has gone into ways to cut them sharper and using different alloys that will not dull, allowing more reuse. In addition to being sharper, more razors are used. This means that there’s no need to go over a skin multiple times and keeps irritation down.
  • Lotion - Modern razors find ways to apply lotion immediately upon moving over the skin each time. This means that there’s less time for skin to become completely irritated.
  • Pivoting Razor Heads - Adding flexibility to a razor means that it’s less likely someone will manage to cut themselves. As the razor flexes, it shaves the skin as the right angle. This also means that afterwards skin is smoother, and there’s no need to go over the skin again.
  • Electric Kits - While electric razors have been around for quite a while, they continue to improve. Many people who shave everyday swear by the electric shave. They provide a close and comfortable shave after an adjustment period.

New Shaving Products

There are more shaving and facial hair products that are coming out every day. Companies want a piece of this huge market, and they are willing to create great products  in order to make people feel better and earn themselves some money at the same time. Here are some of the best new products you can find:

  • Water Lotions - Usually, traditional aftershave will actually dry out skin and change the ph balance within. A water lotion will instead protect the moisture within the skin and keep it at a natural ph level.
  • Pre Shave Oils - Rather than just going into the shave immediately, using a pre shave oil will set the skin up for a perfect shave. It softens the stubble on a face. In turn this means the razor is less likely to catch and will move smoothly through.
  • Shave Gel - We’ve come a long way from the puffy foam that people used to be forced to use. Edge in particular has released a wonderfully lubricating gel for shaving.
  • Hydro 5 Razors - While Gillette may be the bigger name, Schick is also well known. Their Hydro 5 razor features 5 incredibly sharp blades and a huge gel strip. It makes the manual shave experience excellent.

These are just some of the great new products out there. With the creation of online shave clubs, specialty products are more accessible than ever before. Get out there and try some things. Make your face happy!

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