Nasal Sprays Reduce Pressure On a Stuffed Up Sinus -

Nasal Sprays Reduce Pressure On a Stuffed Up Sinus

There are millions of Americans who suffer from problems with their sinuses. When a person’s sinus is clogged, it can result in serious pain and an inability to breathe comfortably.

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A blocked sinus will also lead to headaches that are difficult to manage.

Thankfully, there is relief for those who need it. Nasal sprays are one of the best developments for people who have issues with their sinuses. One of the best ways to clear a blocked sinus is the simple application of a saline solution. Salt and water is enough to help clear out these sensitive passageways. Nasal sprays work to inject the solution into the sinus passages directly and provide much needed relief.

What is a Sinus Infection?

A sinus infection happens anytime a person’s nasal cavity becomes inflamed, swollen or infected with a virus. The virus is the most common cause. Allergies, polyps and even tooth infections are capable of causing pain and problems to a person’s sinuses. Sinus infections can be acute and last briefly, or chronic and last for three months or longer! People will feel pain in the sinus and struggle for breath or blow their nose normally. It may feel like severe pressure in the sinus area and lead to headaches.   

Saline Nasal Spray

The most common form of treatment for people who have issues with their sinuses is the use of a nasal spray. Saline nasal sprays will inject a solution full of sodium chloride directly into the nose to work as a form of nasal irrigation. When using a nasal spray, the nose should first be blown to remove any potential mucus that is located in the nose. You want to aim the nozzle directly up the nose. If you aim incorrectly, you can waste a lot of medication directly in the nose.

Nasal Sprays/Medications

There are also other forms of nasal sprays that offer medication directly into the sinus. These sprays need to be used as directed by a doctor. If it’s an over the counter product, then the instructions should be located on the box as well. Sometimes people may develop nosebleeds from using a nasal spray. If that’s the case, it should be stopped immediately and a saline solution chosen instead.

Allergy Nasal Sprays

Just as a saline nasal spray works to deal with a congested sinus, allergy nasal sprays work to alleviate the symptoms and irritation that airborne allergens cause to people with allergies. These nasal sprays are the absolute best when it comes to things like seasonal allergies. Pollen, hay and dandelion dander are often no match for allergy nasal sprays.

Where allergy nasal sprays are less effective is when they are intended for year round allergies. They can provide some immediate relief, but typically there are other solutions like tablets, pills or injections that are better choices for minor or major allergic reactions.

Neti Pots

A recent development over the last few years has been the creation and spread of neti pots. These pots come in multiple different varieties and styles depending on the comfort of a person. The most common version that people know of is the version that looks like a teapot.

Neti pots work on the concept of nasal irrigation. They use gravity as a way to apply a saline solution into the nasal passages. The saline will solution will eat away at the blockages in the sinus before they pour out the other side of the nose. The sensation can take some getting used to for some people. However others find it very soothing after they have done it a few times and swear by this option. Many people use Neti Pots while they are ill, but others just use them consistently for good sinus health.

Other versions of the Neti Pot use power to assist in nasal irrigation. These need to be used more carefully. No one who has a fully blocked sinus should ever use the power option. This can result in too much pressure being applied to the sinus. They can be mostly blocked, but not fully blocked.

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