Natural Diabetes Treatments Are Available -

Natural Diabetes Treatments Are Available

There are many people in the United States afflicted by Diabetes. This is divided into two separate categories. The first are type 1 diabetics who get their disease genetically.

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The second are type 2 diabetics. These people get the disease as they age. It used to be referred to as adult onset diabetes.

Those with type 2 diabetes have more options than those with type 1. Many of them are able to use natural treatments to fully manage their diabetes. This is certainly preferable to having to inject yourself with a protien hormone before every meal.

The best part about natural diabetes treatments is that they are not particularly complicated or expensive. Much of it is simply living a very healthy lifestyle! When it’s already something that we as people should be doing anyway, it’s a little bit easier.

Food and Diet

Unsurprisingly, the most important thing when it comes to Diabetes care is to naturally work on your diet. Many Type 2 Diabetics manage to completely manage their issues using only natural treatments like diet and exercise. The key with diet is their intake of sugars/carbohydrates. Since diabetics lack the hormone to properly process excess amounts of sugars, they need to ensure they limit their sugars in the first place. Most diabetic diets rely on vegetables as the staple of their diet.

A common misconception on a natural diabetes treatment is that they completely eliminate sugars from their diet. This is because their inability to regulate blood sugar means that it can drop too low as well. This can potentially lead to diabetic comas or death. Consistent low levels of carbs and sugar makes far more sense for a diabetic. Meals can sometimes become a game of mathematics as they aim for their perfect level of carbohydrates.

Diabetics convert excess sugars into fat very quickly. That’s part of why diabetics often struggle with obesity as well. They are more likely to put on weight very quickly. Thanks to this, their diet should also be wary of other fatty objects. Lean meats are the protein of choice and diabetics can also function fairly well as vegetarians and vegans. Eating out can be particularly difficult since many places add sugar to everything.


When it comes to supplements, diabetics need to be very careful. There are many different options out there, but many supplements can do more harm than good. The goal of diabetic supplements is pretty simple. They want to reduce the blood glucose levels found in a diabetic. The trick is to do so without taking those levels too low and potentially causing a diabetic coma.

One of the best supplements recently has been the discovery of cinnamon. Extracts of cinnamon has proven to be fairly effective at lowering blood glucose levels. There are also other options like Chromium. This element is known to help metabolize carbs. However unfortunately too much can cause dangerous kidney damage or sometimes cause extremely low blood glucose levels.

Exercise and Activity

The other key to treating Diabetes naturally is by keeping an active lifestyle. Diabetics should try to exercise 5 times per week. They should try to stay active whenever possible. When a diabetic exercises, they process the sugar in their blood very quickly. The blood glucose will drop. This makes exercise a great combatant of blood glucose highs.

Since diabetics are prone to obesity, exercise and activity makes sense on a physical level as well. Staying fit and active makes it more difficult for the excess sugars to become fat. Otherwise it can merely build and build until serious obesity occurs.

Most dieticians agree that diabetics should not eliminate treats completely. For example a small slice of pie on special occasions is fine. It’s just often a good idea to potentially go for a walk for a half hour afterwards. The activity will help process the sugar that has been ingested.

Often there are people who may not be able to afford gym memberships. This doesn’t mean that any diabetic should stop exercising. In many different areas there are programs designed for these people. They offer them a location to exercise a few times per week if they have Diabetes.

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