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Office Chairs & Furniture

When setting up your office you will need to think about all of the furniture that you need to make your workspace functional, comfortable and organized. There are many different pieces of office furniture available so you will need to think of what your needs, budget, and the size of the space that you are working with.

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It is important to also think about the comfort, durability and how easy the furniture is to clean. Keep reading to find out how to choose the right furniture for your office.


There are many different options available for office desks. You may want to have individual desks for each of your employees. These desks are small enough for a cubicle, but large enough for computers, telephone sets, file storage and office supplies. You should look for desks that are easy to clean, whether it be a composite material, metal or wood. You should also look for desks that offer cord management solutions in which you easily tuck away all cords and wires when needed. Puddle desks are an increasingly popular option as many workplaces have switched to more open environments. You may want to look at desks that can be raised from a sitting position to one that is the proper height for standing. This can allow employees to work sitting down or standing up. If storage is a concern, you can look at desks that come outfitted with deep drawers to keep work materials and files. There are many different options available when it comes to desks including computer workstations, collaborative stations and reception area desks. You can also look at customizing your office desks to meet your personal needs including shape, size, material and configuration.

Office Chairs

Choosing the right office chairs for your employees and clients can make a big difference for their overall comfort and posture. When shopping for office chairs you should consider the best ergonomic solution available. This can ensure that your employees will be comfortable and at ease while at their desk. You should look for ergonomic designs that support the spine and neck. Choosing an office chair that allows you to change the height, arm rests and seat can give you the control you need to be comfortable. Look for office chairs with wheels so that they are easy to move around in. Office chairs should be outfitted with easy to clean materials such as leather, plastic, synthetic weaves and more. The right office chairs will provide the lumbar support and correct fit to ensure that your employees are comfortable and productive.

Filing Cabinets

Keeping your files organized and secure is essential for any business. There are many different types of filing cabinets available depending on what your needs are. You may be looking for lateral, vertical or combination filing cabinets. You can also choose from pedestal-style filing cabinets, mobile cabinets or end tab filing solutions. Most filing cabinets are made of steel, wood or composite. You may require additional security for your files, so look for options that come with a lock and key.

Partitions and Cubicles

Office partitions can help you to define certain workspaces without the use of walls. There are endless possibilities to designing the layout of your space, and it can be easily modified for new employees or workspace needs. Using partitions and panels you can create group cubicles, individual cubicles or define certain departments. Partitions and cubicles are an affordable way to create a stylish and functional workspace.


Most offices will require tables for meetings, conferences and for reception areas. You can find many different sizes and styles of boardroom and conference tables that can serve your needs. These tables often have an area designated for cord management. When choosing office tables try to look for similar finishes or design to match the rest of your office furniture.

The right office furniture can allow your workspace to be functional and stylish.

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