Password Management & Recovery -

Password Management & Recovery

Do you feel like you are always struggling to remember a password for your various online accounts? It can be challenging to remember all of the passwords you are responsible for.

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If you are someone who has trouble remembering their email, social media, gaming, business related passwords, keep reading to find out how to recover your passwords and keep them organized in the future.

Password Security

You may think that having an easy password will help you to remember it in the future, but it actually just makes your account less secure. Don’t choose a password that contains your name, birthday or pet’s name because those are very easy to crack and hack. Instead you should choose a password that has a mix of upper case and lower case letters. It should also have numbers and symbols in it. You should not share your password with others and should use different passwords for your various accounts. By using different passwords for your online accounts hackers would only have access to one account, instead of all of them.

Forgot Your Password?

If you have forgotten your password, don’t panic. There are many easy steps to help you remember your password. You may also be able to retrieve your old password through a linked account or will be able to create a new one.

Password Recovery

If you forgotten your password to your account you will want to look up password recovery for that given type of account. There you will often find your linked account which will prompt you to sign into that. They will often send you a temporary password to get back into your account. If they do not prompt you to create a new password you may want to anyways, especially if you think that your current password is not very strong.

Gmail Password Recovery

If you have forgotten your password to your Gmail email account (Google account) you can follow the simple steps below.  Go to your google account and then to the trouble signing in page. You will find an area that you can select for those who do not remember their password. Then you will want to follow the prompts on the screen which includes entering your email address.  Once you have completed all of the instructions successfully you will have a password sent to your linked account or phone number. You may have to verify your identity and answer security questions. You may want to take this opportunity to change your password to one that is stronger and more secure.

Facebook Password Recovery

If you have forgotten your Facebook password or you are locked out of your account you can easily find ways to get back in. You may be able to get in by answering your preset security questions, getting help from your Facebook friends, or through your linked email account. The first thing you can try is to identify your account. This step involves giving your full name, name of a friend, phone number, or email address.  Once you identity has been approved you will be taken the password reset page. You should spend time creating a secure password and updating your contact information at this time.

Password Management Tools

If you are looking for some assistance to keep your passwords organized without having to remember them you may want to use some sort of password management tool.  Passwords managers keep your passwords secure, but allow you to sync them, change them, log into websites for you and more. Many password managers will create secure passwords so that you don’t have to remember them. A password manager can help you to be organized without having to remember a whole bunch of different passwords.  Some of the most popular password management tools include LastPass, RoboForm and KeePass.

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