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Pay Per Click Advertising

Marketing your business or product online has never had more options to pick from. Since almost everyone is now connected to the internet through multiple devices, it’s becoming accepted that online is the way new advertising is going to be consumed.

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Therefore it’s important for every business to have a presence online and to advertise for it. More traffic for your company at their website is always going to result in more sales, even if they aren’t online.

Online Advertising

Traditional advertising will always exist, but the truth is that online advertising is the best way to reach the younger generation, and eventually everyone. Online advertising has gone through various trends. One of the earliest and simplest examples of pay per click advertising was banner ads. A website would place a banner advertisement for your website and if someone clicked on it and came to your website, you would pay them a nominal fee. The concept of pay per click advertising remains the same, but has become a far more complicated subject with better ways for people to reach the audiences they want to reach.


If you’re going to use pay per click advertising, you’re going to get to know Google’s Adwords system. This is too small of a space to to into the heavy details, but here’s a light explanation of the system.  The Adwords system is actually several types of auctions. With Adwords you are bidding to have your ad displayed to a relevant audience.

The auction doesn’t just take into account how much you’re offering to pay per bid. Your bid is actually multiplied by your google quality score. This score is determined by Google’s algorithm to make sure that the ad might actually be helpful to the user who’s clicking on it. After google determines who deserves the ad, they will pay a price based on the people below them. This means that you will always pay a price lower than your maximum bid. If your competition does not provide a high quality score, your price can drop heavily!

Advertisements are also posted through AdSense. A website may open up space for 6 google ads to be placed on the left of it. An auction is now held for the order of those ads. There’s a large bonus to being on the first page or being in the top spot. These placement auctions are another way to make money for google as well as the displaying website.

All of these auctions are pay per click, though there are options for other methods. Using pay per click advertising keeps things simple and relatable.

Affiliate Advertising

Another pay per click way to advertise is through affiliate marketing and affiliate networks. Affiliate advertising will often work differently because the location that sends the traffic to your website gets paid out based on the “quality” of the click. If the targeted consumer hangs around for 8 seconds and then leaves the website, that’s far more useful than if it leads to a sale! Affiliate marketing platforms will funnel a large amount of traffic to your website with the goal of making sales and if they convert, they’ll earn a large price per click.

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