Protect Your Data: Use Backups -

Protect Your Data: Use Backups

It doesn’t matter what type of technology you are working with, it might fail. That is why it is imperative to always enlist the right backup services so that you will not lose important data and information.

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Having the right backup solution is important not only for big businesses, but for your personal usage as well. If you consider all of the documents, files, photos, financial information and other personal data that you keep on your computer you will quickly realize that a backup solution is necessary. Keep reading to find out backup solutions for your data.

Backup recovery solutions

Backup software works to make a copy of all of your files and documents onto a separate storage device. There are different options for the storage device including an external hard drive, online storage, synching services or discs. By having your files backed up on a regular basis you will not have to worry about your technology failing because you will have a copy regardless.

Keeping your backup files secure is important which can be done using password protection and encryption. You can also decide how often you would like your files to be copied and if you would like previous copies stored as well. Copying of all files on the entire hard drive is referred to as a disk image. It can recreate your hard drive’s entire system after experiencing a failure. Other common types of backup includes full backup, incremental backup, differential backup, mirror backup, full PC backup, local backup, offsite backup, online backup, remote backup, cloud back up and File Transfer Protocol backup.

There are different ways in which you can restore your data from the backup service, but it depends on what you have set it up to restore. You can back up your entire disk image from a USB stick (or other boot media). You may have to connect your external data along with the boot media to restore all files. You can also restore individual files to previous versions based upon your scheduled backups.

Backup Cloud Services

Backup cloud services are a secure way to back up your important files and documents. This type of backup takes place on remote file servers. It securely encrypts your data, keeping it safe from any type of on premise threat including theft, damage, malfunction, fire and more. Online cloud services provide security for media files, photographs, documents, financial statements and more once they have been scanned over. When choosing a backup cloud service you should look for certain features including amount of storage allocated, automatic backup, continuous backup, incremental backup, security measures, mobile access and 24/7 customer support.

RAID Recovery 

RAID recovery refers to a backup storage solution that combines multiple disk drive components into logical units. Using RAID recovery, the data is distributed among certain levels using the word RAID followed by a number. Each RAID level is intended to protect data. RAID recovery allows you to back up all of your files from the corrupted source before trying to fix or retrieve it. It uses unique algorithms to recover important files. There are many places you can store the files including FTP, CD, DVD, USB or hard drive. The distribution of the information and recovered data may be software based.

The right backup solutions can keep your personal and professional information protected and available. Think of your needs and what features you could benefit from when selecting a backup solution, rather than just the bottom line. When choosing a backup solution consider monthly expenses, allotted storage, synching capabilities and automatic storage backup features. The right backup solution can keep your important documents and data safe in what would be an otherwise disastrous loss.

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