Protect Your Email From Spam -

Protect Your Email From Spam

Most of us can’t open our email accounts without seeing countless spam messages, ranging in content from the obscene to the unintelligible. Spam may be fairly easily recognizable for the email recipient, but that doesn’t mean it’s convenient to get rid of—most people lose countless hours trying to manually filter messages from risky senders.

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Spam filter software was designed to help make this chore less overwhelming. Spam filter programs and software can help to reduce the amount of junk mail that lands in your inbox.

Spam content is dangerous for a number of reasons. Junk mail may include phishing attacks, viruses, key-loggers, and other forms of malware. All of these things can compromise the private data on your hard drive. Credit card numbers, bank account details, usernames, and passwords are just a few examples of data at risk. Though no spam filter applications are 100% effective, many can assist the user in preventing the majority of email spam.  

How to Choose an Email Spam Filter

The best spam filter software is simple to use and customizable for email users of various levels of technical savvy. The crucial feature to look for in spam filter software is the ability to both prevent and block incoming spam. You should choose a filter that is compatible with various clients and webmail service providers, as well as one that meets your personal needs. You should consider the following features when selecting software.

Blocking & Filtering

This is arguably the most valuable feature of any email spam filter. Reliable blocking and filtering prevents spam messages from cluttering your inbox. In addition, you’ll want a spam filter with multiple capabilities, including black and white lists, community-based filtering, challenge and response techniques, sensitivity settings, and quarantine settings. Other common blocking and filtering techniques include blocking based on IP address, email address, country code, and server.


Spam blocker applications should be able to protect multiple accounts with a single installation. Comprehensive protection should target Trojans, viruses, worms, and potentially harmful attachments, such as key-loggers and other forms of malware. The most robust software can identify HTML email containing a phishing attack on the user’s personal data.


High customizability and rule-setting features are another important quality. The user should be able to edit the settings and also create new rules and/or filters. Remember that you shouldn’t have to adapt your needs to the software, but rather, the software should be adaptable to your needs.


Finally, consider compatibility when selecting your spam filter. First, check if the program is compatible with your current email or webmail client. The most popular and effective spam filters can be used to block spam for a wide range of service providers, including Outlook, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, as well as webmail service providers such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and others.

If you’ve ever had to deal with spam, you know that it can take up a lot of time. In addition, if you have kids around, pornographic spam messages are simply inappropriate. Spam filters are easy to install and can help you to quickly curb an email spam problem. Feature-rich spam applications range in price from $25-70 USD. 

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