Reasons to Send Thank You Cards -

Reasons to Send Thank You Cards

In today’s fast-paced world, a little kindness goes a long way. Thank you cards are a thoughtful way to show others your gratitude. They can be personal or formal, and are useful in a variety of situations, particularly after you’ve received a gift.

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It’s still fairly common to send a thank-you note following a wedding or shower, but those are far from the only occasions when a personal note can be used to indicate appreciation. For instance, you might consider also writing a thank you note or card—or, having your children write them—after a birthday party. Being invited to dinner at someone else’s home is another opportune moment to send a note of gratitude. In addition, in professional settings, sending a note to a prospective employer following an interview shows your interest, manners, and appreciation for their time and consideration.

The habit of sending a handwritten thank you note has steadily faded now that other methods of communication, such as email, are both more common and convenient. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s no longer acceptable to send a personalized card—in fact, it’s quite the opposite. This gesture is more important than ever.

How to Write a Thank You Card

Many people struggle with what to write in a personalized thank you card. While it may be easier to send a quick text, call, or email than to sit down and compose a message, it’s usually worth the effort. A handwritten note always says more. It’s a memento and a keepsake that your friends and family can hold onto and reread, as a reminder of your appreciation for them. So how should you write a thank you card? The hardest part is getting started. Consider the following as you compose your message:

  1. Who is it for? If you’re thanking multiple people at the same time, make a list before you start writing. If you’d just like to thank one person, the “who” part of the message is already cut out for you. Start by choosing a greeting.
  2. What are you thankful for? The “what” should form the body of your note. You can start with simply saying thanks, or express your gratitude in one of the following ways:
    •  It made my day when…
    • I’d like to express my gratitude for…
    • I want you to know that I’m truly thankful for…
  3. Be as specific as possible. Tell them something that you like about their gift, or how you plan on using it. If you’re writing a thank-you card for another reason, such as a party, interview, or other event, write about your favorite moment during the event.
  4. Reiterate your thanks and sign off. Remind them you are thankful and end with “Sincerely,” “Yours truly,” “Warm regards,” or another cordial signoff before you sign your name.

Custom Thank You Cards

Sending a custom thank you card instead of a generic card with a prewritten message is always a good idea. It shows that you undertook the effort to compose a unique message for the recipient, and is likely to inspire more profound positive feelings.  

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