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Satisfy The Sweetest of Teeth

Chocolate and candies are the most beloved sweet treats all over the world. There are many different types of chocolates and candies to choose from, each with varying degrees of sweetness and texture.

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Chocolate and candies can help you to create memories and share sweetness with friends and family. Read on to find out more about chocolate and candy.

Popular Types of Candy

There are so many different types candy that grocery stores will often have an aisle or section dedicated solely to candy. Some of the most popular candies include gummy candies, jelly beans, lollipops, hard-shelled candies, sour candies, chewy candies and more. Many candies come in personal size bags or large tubs for sharing. Many convenience stores may offer grab bags in which you can choose various candies and pay by weight or quantity. Candy is a great treat every so often, but it should be eaten in moderation as it is high in sugar and calories.

Popular Types of Chocolate

You can find chocolate available at many different stores including specialty chocolate shops, grocery stores and convenience stores. Some of the most popular types of chocolate include milk chocolate, unsweetened chocolate (primarily for baking purposes), organic chocolate, fair trade chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. Chocolate can be bought in many different forms including chocolate bars, chocolate coated candies, chocolate ice-creams, hot chocolate, chocolate baking bars and more.

Special Times for Sweet Treats

Chocolate and candies are enjoyed any time of the year, but they are especially popular for special occasions and holidays. Some of the most popular events and occasions for chocolate and candy purchases and consumption include:

  • Holiday Treats
    • Easter is a popular day for children to go out and search for chocolate covered Easter eggs. Chocolate Easter bunnies and other assorted candies are also popular treats for children (and adults) on Easter.
    • Halloween is a holiday that wouldn’t be much without chocolate and candy. Candies and chocolates are purchased in snack-sizes and handed out to children who go door to door. Popular Halloween candies include jelly beans, Smarties, mini-chocolate bars, gummies and more.
    • Valentine’s Day is an extremely popular day for candies and chocolates. Many people will buy their loved one an assorted box of chocolates or candies as an expression of their love.
    • Christmas is a time for indulgence. Most people will enjoy candies and chocolates as part of their stocking stuffers or as hosting gifts. The holiday season also features gingerbread houses that are coated in icing and delicious candies including gummies, candy canes, candy corn, chocolates and more. Don’t forget there are also many chocolatey baked goods and sweet candies available at Christmas parties and other holiday events.
  • Party Goodies
    • Chocolates and candies are a welcomed addition to any party. You will often find bowls of assorted candies and chocolates at many different parties including birthday parties, New Year’s parties, Super Bowl parties and more.
  • Special Occasions
    • Anniversaries and significant milestones are often celebrated with candies and chocolate. You can choose from various high-end chocolatiers if you are looking for something fancy that is meant to impress.

Chocolate and candies are the perfect way to celebrate holidays and other special occasions. Next time you are hosting a party of event have a wide variety of chocolates and candies available so that there is something everyone will like.

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