Save Money with Coupons -

Save Money with Coupons

Do you find that every time you go out to run a few errands you are spending more but coming home with less? If you don’t keep track of your spending it can be very easy for everyday items to add up.

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In order to help bring down your spending it is important to not only keep track of it, but look for sales, coupons and promotions.  Learning how to effectively use coupons and sales can help you to save big helping your hard earned money go further. Keep reading to find out more about couponing and how it can help you save on everyday items.

Popular Types of Coupons

Coupons are especially helpful for routine expenses that can quickly add up. Look for coupons and sales on everyday items like groceries, household items, pet supplies for small savings that quickly add up. Some of the easiest items to save on that can quickly total great savings include:

Diaper Coupons

  • Diapers can easily cost you a small fortune if you don’t look out for sales or coupons.  Luckily there are often coupons available for brand name diapers including Huggies and Pampers that you can redeem easily. You can often find these coupons on the manufacturer’s website which you can print off and redeem in store.  You can also find coupons for related products like wipes, diaper creams and pull-ups to continue your savings. There are many coupon sites specifically targeted towards moms where you can find many great coupons to help aid with the expense of raising a child. When you see coupons for diapers print off as many as you can redeem and stock up for future savings. Make sure to put your diaper coupons in your wallet or purse so that you are ready to save.

Grocery Coupons

  • A few groceries can add up quickly. With the rise of food costs it can be a challenge to not be shocked when you see the total on your receipt. That is why being smart about where and when you shop for groceries can help you to save money.  You will often find coupons for everyday grocery items in flyers, on manufacturer’s websites and even on store shelves. If you find coupons for grocery items you often purchase buy in bulk (if it is nonperishable or can be frozen) and enjoy greater savings. Look for instore promotions as well to determine if you should shop in a few different stores to save more. Check to see if there is a local grocery store that offers price matching to reap all of the savings you can at one store.  Make sure that you have your coupons organized and ready to use next time you run out to the store to get some relief from grocery expenses.

Oil Change Coupons

  • Getting your vehicle’s oil changed regularly is part of responsible maintenance that will keep your car running smoothly.  If you have been putting off getting your oil changed because of the expense you will be relieved to know that you can affordably get your oil changed using a coupon. Most oil change service centers offer many coupons to help gain and keep their customer’s valued business. That is why you should have no problem locating a coupon either online, in store or via a flyer to get your vehicle’s oil changed. Many oil change service centers will also offer loyalty promotions and savings so that you will continue to be their customer.

Pet Food Coupons

  • Your furry pet is part of the family and that is why you prefer to give him or her the finer things in life including fun toys, comfy beds and nutritious food.  Pet food is a routine expense of owning a pet, but there are easy ways to save money on this expense. Most pet food manufacturers are eagerly trying to obtain new customers using coupons as a lure. You can find pet food coupons for all types of pet food including cat, dog, bird, fish, hamster food and more. You can also find all different types of food to meet your pet’s specific needs including organic, specialty diet, calorie-reduced, raw food and more.  Pet food coupons are available online, in flyers and in store. If you notice your pet’s food has coupons available for it stock up. Look for coupons for new pet food brands or items you are interested in trying and have it ready when your pet’s current food runs out.

Restaurant Coupons

  • There is nothing quite as relaxing as having someone else do the preparation, cooking and cleaning for a meal. Going out for dinner can be expensive, limiting how often you can go out. That is why you should look for coupons so that you can enjoy going out to eat more often and can try out new places. Many restaurants will also offer reward coupons that will offer you many different incentives to keep coming back like a percentage off your meal or a free appetizer. You may also find coupons for takeout or free delivery which is a great way to enjoy effortless dining from the comfort of your own home. Make sure to clip any restaurant coupons and keep readily available so that you can save big the next time you go out to eat.

Printable Coupons

Printable coupons are available online. There are hundreds of websites and blogs dedicated to providing and offering links to coupons for food items. Of course, if you want to download coupons and print them off in order to access savings and discounts, you will have to take the time to search out coupons. This may involve going to one or more sites and using their browse or search function to find the coupons you want to use. Some of the top-rated coupon sites include:

  • The Krazy Coupon Lady. This is a comprehensive couponing site which allows you to browse and search for deals by stores or brand name. The website also offers helpful videos on how to save money on various food products.
  • Coupons. This couponing site features an easy-to-navigate menu and access to thousands of coupons.
  • Passion for Savings. This site offers a wide variety of coupon deals, including in-store and online deals on groceries and other items.

Grocery Coupons

Grocery coupons are available on every kind of food and grocery store product imaginable, including produce, cleaning supplies, frozen food, and much more. On couponing sites, you can search for coupons by grocery store and find deals specific national and local supermarket chains, including Whole Foods, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, SuperValu, Vons, Safeway, Randalls, and many others. All you have to do is go to the couponing website of your choice, select the grocery store you shop at, and you will find a list of the coupons available at that store.

If you are willing to put more time and energy into saving money on groceries through couponing, you can find grocery coupons for more than one store. Though you will have to make several trips to supermarkets to buy your groceries, you may find that the savings are worth it.

Couponing Tips and Tricks

Many people don’t bother with coupons because they feel like it will be too much work and that the savings aren’t worth it. Those excuses can go right out the door because not only is couponing worth the savings, but it is also now easier than ever to get and use coupons.

  • Check your junk mail
    • You may have been quick to throw out your junk mail in the past, but now you will want to sort through it for coupons. You don’t have to keep every coupon, but if you spot ones for items you may purchase anyways or restaurants you were considering trying clip them out.
  • Check online
    • It is now easier than ever to find coupons for items that you are planning on purchasing. Simply search online for promotions at stores within your local area. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website to see if there are any coupons that can be printed off and redeemed.
    • There are many websites that are dedicated to couponing that you can visit. Then simply search to see what coupons you may need and print off.
  • Get organized
    • Make sure that once you have clipped or printed your coupons you store them in a place that makes them easy to remember (wallet, purse, car console, etc.). Look at expiration dates and any other terms in the fine print before you try and use them to make sure that they are still valid.

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