Smartphones: The Future is Now -

Smartphones: The Future is Now

Today you can easily use your smartphone as your own personal mobile operating system. Gone are the days when a person’s cell phone was used primarily to call because today’s smartphones have all of the latest features and applications.

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You can now easily watch video, listen to music, text, email, surf the web and more from your smartphone device.

Benefits of Smartphones

There are many benefits to owning and using a smartphone that make you wonder how you managed without one. Some of the main benefits of owning a smartphone include:

  • Ease of communication
    • A smartphone makes it easy to connect with others in a wide variety of ways including text messaging, emailing, calling and instant messaging.
    • Most people rarely go anywhere without their phone making it much easier to get a hold of people any time of the day without having to wait for them to be near a landline.
    • Cell phone towers are increasing coverage and reception making it easier to get a signal outside of the city.
    • People can text message each other to share short pieces of information that do not require a phone call.
  • Internet access
    • Having the internet available on your smart phone puts tons of information, entertainment and communication right at your fingertips.
    • No longer do you have to wait to find out what time a movie is playing or what time a restaurant opens because you can easily check out this information from your phone no matter where you are.
    • Are you in the middle of a battle of the minds that won’t be solved until the answer is known? Simply pull out your smart phone to find out the right answer that can’t be debated.
    • Looking to find out the local weather or latest news? No longer do you have to wait for weather updates or the 6 o’clock news because you can simply look up this information on your phone no matter what time it is or where you are.
    • If you have a job where you need to be connected a smartphone is the answer. You can be available via instant messenger or text. You can also use various communication platforms including Skype for business calls, email and more. You can also work and update files in real-time allowing you to contribute and stay on top of things from wherever you are and at any time.
    • You can also easily update all of your social media accounts and check in on your friend’s accounts from your phone.
  • Applications
    • Your smartphone can also keep you organized because it has many different features including calendars and alarms that you can use to plan and update with important dates and appointments.
    • Your smartphone can also be used to store important information including your contact’s phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and more.
    • No longer do you need to bring a separate music player as your phone can easily host all of your music files so that you can easily listen to you using headphones. You can also stream music from various applications allowing you to customize your playlist.
    • Do you have difficulty with directions? Luckily your smartphone can double as a GPS giving you turn by turn directions so that you can get from point A to point B safely and quickly. Many navigation applications will also update you on current traffic conditions and possible construction detours. 
    • These days everyone is a photographer and it is no wonder. Most smartphones come with great quality cameras that take professional-looking photos. Many smartphones also have applications that allow you to crop and edit photos that are easy to share with friends.
    • With your smartphone you will never be bored again. There are many gaming applications that can fulfill your need to pass the time including racing games, trivia, games against friends and more.
    • You can also easily use your smartphone to read from because many have specially developed screens that allow them to be read from just like an e-reader.
    • If you are traveling in a different country your phone can be used to translate, convert currency, and find local dining easily using the right applications.

Smartphone Etiquette

Although there are many benefits to using smartphones they can have some disadvantages as well.  A few of the main disadvantages of using smartphones include:

  • Social isolation
    • Although many believe that a smartphone may make them more connected to others they can actually lead to social isolation. Smartphones have allowed people to no longer physically get together but use their phones to communicate rather than having face to face contact.  This can lead to people being isolated and socially uncomfortable.
    • Smartphones have hindered people’s ability to communicate with the real world. People no longer carry on small chat with others but are instead glued to their mobile devices even while out in public.
  • Lack of judgement
    • When it is so easy to post things on your social media accounts from your phone’s image gallery or write what you are thinking you may post things that aren’t appropriate. You may also text people messages that you wouldn’t normally say in person. That is why it is important to use your better judgement when using your smartphone. This way you will not have any explaining or deleting to do later.
  • Major distraction
    • Smartphones can cause people to be distracted while at work or in school leading to lower productivity and learning.
    • Smartphones have become a major issue for drivers as many people will check their messages, chat or use their phone while driving. This causes drivers to be distracted and preoccupied with something other than driving. This can be dangerous, leading to otherwise avoidable traffic accidents.

Smartphones are a great communication tool with many positive uses as long as they are used with proper judgement and at the right time.

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