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Social Work

Social work refers to the discipline that looks to ensure the welfare of community members, including families, groups and individuals. There are many different facets of social work which includes social change based on the development and empowerment of people.

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Social work includes a variety of different fields, all looking to positively change situations and circumstances. Some of the most common fields that someone with a degree in social work might work include:

  • Poverty relief
  • Life skills
  • Human rights
  • Addictions rehabilitation
  • Mental health care
  • Women’s rights
  • Elder protection
  • Community development
  • Legislation
  • Corrections
  • Rural development
  • Social inclusion
  • Child protection
  • Disaster relief

Social Work Degrees

A degree in social work can prepare you for a rewarding career that can make a positive impact on your community. A degree in social work covers a variety of different material including theories about social sciences including human rights, respect for diversities, social development, community care and more. Most people who want to pursue a career in social work will begin with a bachelor’s degree in social work or social services. Many graduates will pursue a post-graduate degree or diploma in social work, which may include a master’s degree or doctoral studies. A social work undergraduate and master’s degree program are accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, which is required to become a state-licensed social worker. Most states require a master’s degree for macro work within the community. It is important to do your research to ensure that you will graduate with the qualifications you need for the job you want.

Community Social Work

Community social work refers to the planning, organizing and execution of making a community function in a variety of different ways. Community social work sets out to make a positive difference within the community. Community social work happens at a variety of different levels, which includes making assessments, allocating resources and administering new community initiatives and programs.

Community social work may include developing new practices for community organization. Social workers may be employed by nonprofit and grassroots organizations for a variety of different roles including raising money, raising awareness, promoting campaigns, plan infrastructure, write grants and more. Social workers can also help in areas such as community mental health, family services, addictions support, children’s aids and special group advocacy.

If you are interested in a career serving the community through social work you should look into volunteering and training that can help give you real-world experience.

Family Social Services

Family social services refer to a government or non-profit organization that seeks to aid in the well-being for various groups of the community that are marginalized. Family social services try to help families deal with a variety of different circumstances including poverty, living in dangerous neighborhoods, abusive situations, neglect and more. Some family social services agencies also help families that are dealing with difficult situations such as medical issues, job loss or biological deficiencies. Family services may also be mandated through the courts through a child protection agency. Family social services may be mandated for a variety of different reasons including domestic violence, neglect, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, addiction and mental health issues.

A career in social work requires the right education and training. This knowledge and experience will prepare you for a rewarding career helping your community in a variety of ways.

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