SSL Certificates Explained -

SSL Certificates Explained

SSL Certificates are tiny data files. They digitally fix a cryptographic key to a company’s details. SSL certificates allow for secure connections from a web server to a browser if it is installed onto a web server.

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SSL certificates will bind together a domain name, hostname, server name with a specific company name and location. By binding together this information together all web traffic between the web server and browser will be completely secure. When a SSL certificate has been successfully installed on the server the application protocol will change from HTTP to HTTPs (the s is for secure). SSL certificates are often used in order to secure data transfers, credit card transactions, logins and while browsing certain websites. Keep reading to find out more about SLL certificates.

Benefits of SSL Certificate

There are many benefits that stem from using a SSL certificate. Some of the greatest benefits include:

  • Provides authentication
    • An SSL certificate ensures that the information on your website is protected and not an imitation. Customers can be assured that your company site is up to date and authentic.
  • Necessary for accepting payments
    • In order for an online business to meet the Payment Card Industry compliance they must have the proper SSL certificate encryption. This allows for credit card payments to be secured properly over the web. The encryption must be at least 128 bit which provides the right level of security for customers to enter in their financial information.
  • Builds customer trust
    • Providing your customer with the utmost in security can allow them to feel confident and secure while doing business with you. This allows customers to feel assured that their information is safe online.
  • Guards against phishing
    • An authentic SSL certificate can help guard against phishing, in which scammers try to obtain credit card information by disguising themselves as reputable advertisers or shipping confirmations. An SSL certificate provides customers with the security they need to feel confident in entering their personal information.
  • Encrypts information
    • Information can only be properly read by those the message is intended for using an SSL certificate. Those who do not have the proper encryption key will not be able to understand any of the jumbled characters. This keeps personal information including passwords, financial data and more safe from people who shouldn’t have access to it.
  • Brand power
    • Many companies that offer SSL certificates will also offer site seals and trusted encryption in use. This assures customers that your company is interested in their personal security which can create a positive image of your brand.

How To

You can be issued an SSL certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority. You can order an SSL certificate by making a certificate signing request, providing company validation documents and formulating your WHOIS record. A certificate signing request is the text that will be generated on your web server before ordering the certificate. You will also need to use a unique IP address for each certificate that you want to use. If you are ordering a domain-validated certificate you can receive it within minutes. You can receive an organization validated certificate within a few days after all of the proper documentation has been submitted.

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