Stop on a Dime: Brakes -

Stop on a Dime: Brakes

Your car brakes are extremely important to keep everyone safe on the road. That is why you should always make sure that your brakes are in good operating order.

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Keep reading to find out how to make sure that your brakes are operating the way that they should.

The brakes that are located at the front of your vehicle do the majority of the work. That is because the weight of the vehicle pushes against the front of the vehicle as it comes to the stop. Most vehicles come equipped with disc brakes on the front axle. The back brakes are most often drum brakes (with the exception of most sport models). The brakes work by generating friction as the brake calipers make the pads clamp down against the rotors. The brake pads clean and dry the rotors by dragging them across it. Rear drum brakes are typically priced lower and are easier to integrate with the parking brake.

Most people evaluate brake performance using the following factors:

  • Friction
    • Friction from the brake pad rubbing against the disc brake rotor is what allows the vehicle to slow down and come to a stop.
  • Temperature
    • It is very important that brakes will be able to perform in a wide variety of temperatures including below freezing.
  • Ability to resist fade
    • Brakes, brake fluid, and brake rotors need to be able to perform under extremely hot temperatures. Brake fade refers to any parts of the brake system mentioned above losing their ability to effectively perform.

Most drivers will only need to use stock brake disc pads. Performance brakes generate more friction and work in extreme temperatures. People who take their vehicles on the track or off-roading may want to consider using performance brakes for these conditions.

Brake Inspection DIY

Many people do not even notice when their brakes have begun to wear because they are so used to them. That is why it is important to do a break inspection yourself in between service visits. You should take your car to an empty or low traffic area (parking lot) and test your vehicles brakes. Test coming to a stop slowly and sudden stops. You will easily be able to tell if your brake system is operating the way it should. If you notice that your brakes are making a weird noise, sticking, or don’t seem to be operating the way that they should make sure to get your vehicle looked at right away.

Car Brake Repairs

Over time and with use, brake pads and rotors will begin to wear and deteriorate. That is why it is imperative that the brake system of a vehicle is regularly inspected, repaired or replaced. Although people may change their own brake pads, this is not recommended unless the person is a certified mechanic. Brake systems that are not installed correctly can results in serious issues, including failure to slow down or come to a stop. Brake systems should be inspected and replaced based upon the owner’s manual. Certain drivers should have their brakes inspected more frequently including those that brake suddenly, are often in stop and go traffic, or put on a lot of miles.

Coupons for Brake Repairs

You should always make sure that your vehicle’s brakes are in good condition to keep yourself and others safe on the roads. Look for coupons for brake services or for parts so that you can save next time that you have your brakes serviced. Many car service centers will offer loyalty discounts or special offers throughout the year.

Your brakes should never be overlooked when it comes to your vehicle’s maintenance.

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