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Tax Services

If tax season rolls around and you find yourself in a mad scramble to get your documents and receipts together, chances are you could benefit from tax services.

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Filing a federal income tax return with the International Revenue Service (IRS) is something that most United States citizens do on a yearly basis. Though you don’t have to file an income tax return if your income is below a given amount, you will need to file your taxes in order to claim credits or refunds on income docked from your paycheck.

Tax services can help you to prepare and file your taxes. The following are just a few of the ways that you can submit your federal income taxes in the United States.

File Your Tax With An Accountant

Many Americans choose to file taxes with an accountant. There are several advantages to having your income tax return prepared by a professional in the field. Firstly, seeing an accountant will save you time and energy. Though tax services come with a cost, most of the time it’s worth it. Accountants are professionals with an intimate knowledge of taxes. The accountant you see should be able to offer guidance, file your return in an optimal way, and alert you of possible rules, benefits, deductions, and/or credits that you might otherwise not be aware of. 

Free Tax Preparation

The IRS provides funding for several volunteer-run programs offering free tax preparation. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program is open to U.S. citizens and residents who have an annual income of less than $54,000, as well as persons with disabilities and limited English capabilities. Volunteers are certified by the IRS, and provide basic information and tax return preparation and digital filing services to those who qualify.

Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) is another non-profit organization which offers free tax assistance to all taxpayers, especially those who are over the age of 60. TCE volunteers specialize in questions about retirement funds, pensions, and other tax issues that affect seniors. Call the IRS or visit their website for more information on how to access tax assistance from the volunteer income tax assistance program or TCE volunteers in your area.

Tax Filing Software

Tax filing software is a popular choice when it comes to filing taxes. Many people choose to purchase a program, such as FreeFille, TurboTax, TaxAct, H&R Block Deluxe, Jackson Hewitt Deluxe, and TaxSlayer. These programs are relatively cheap, and up-to-date versions can be purchased for between $12.99 and $54.99. All of the programs are a step up from filling out your tax returns the old fashioned way—by hand. They’re user-friendly, and offer features such as importing previous tax data, major IRS forms and schedules, and guidance in life events, comprehensive tax areas, as well as email, phone, and chat support. For a reasonable additional fee, some programs also offer an accountant’s assistance in the event of an audit. 

With tax filing software, all you have to do is go through the navigational outline, answering questions and inputting data as required. Once you are finished, you can file your taxes online. 

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