The Perfect Wedding -

The Perfect Wedding

Your wedding is meant to stay with you for the rest of your life. The memories of that event are going to be with you forever. It’s important that you do things right.

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That means doing it right for you, but even more so doing it right for your partner!

Wedding Registries

Wedding registries in the past were used to help furnish the new home that it was expected the couple were going to move into. These days it’s used for more modern things and can be more diverse. Your registry should be diverse and have gifts in many different economic brackets. It’s not nice to ask someone who may lack the funds to purchase a $200 gift, so be considerate. Typically the most popular registries still furnish homes. Kitchen appliances are very popular as are knives and silverware. Luxurious bedsheets and linens are an excellent registry item that will add some flair to your bedroom and be useful at the same time. In the end a registry should be diverse and fun and reflect who you are as a couple and where your marriage is heading.

Best Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoons are going to reflect the shared love of the couple getting married. Two people who love skiing more than anything are probably going to find the Swiss Alps more appealing than the Caribbean. That being said, there are some places that are classic honeymoon locations. It’s difficult to go wrong with a honeymoon spent in Paris. Considered the romance capital of the world, it’s the perfect romantic location for a newly wedded couple. It features great food, incredible attractions, a renowned culture and excellent accommodations. If you still like Europe but are not a fan of Paris then Venice is probably a great choice for you. The atmosphere is incredible and laid back allowing you to feast on the wonderful food and spend time with your partner.  If you like things a bit more rustic, then try Whistler, British Columbia (Canada) or Aspen in Colorado. These mountainous regions offer beautiful vistas and robust luxurious accommodations. Finally if you want sand and sun, nothing beats Bali or Bora Bora for a honeymoon. The oceans stretch out as far as the eye can see from these islands. Staying on a villa above the water allowing you to walk out your store and go for a morning dive is an incredible feeling.

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning probably creates the most stress before the wedding itself. Some couples want to do all the planning themselves. Thankfully there are more tools than ever to be able to do the planning yourself. There are programs and apps that will help you create checklists and budgets to assist you in making sure everything is planned out and nothing is missing. Most of the applications will even suggest things if they don’t see them listed and they are common wedding requirements. Alternatively people can hire a Wedding Planner. Wedding Planners are experts in the creation of weddings and themes that match the couples they are working for. They work for you to provide you with the things you are needing. They are living thinking wedding apps ready to do your bidding!

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