The Top 5 MBA Schools -

The Top 5 MBA Schools

The business world is full of depth and intrigue. It’s important to amass the tools needed to succeed. More professionals than ever are taking advantage of MBA programs.

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The influx of online MBA programs has suddenly made it possible for professionals to gain their MBA with more convenience than ever before.

The online MBA is becoming an increasingly valid method of completing one's business education. The advantages of the online MBA are great. Professionals no longer need to take 2 years off to attend the lecture format in person. This allows potential students to maintain their employment. The course material is available at all times and therefore allows the MBA student to create a schedule that truly fits into their lifestyle.  Admittedly an online MBA is still an online degree. While the material is the same, not everyone can educate themselves as well using the course materials than if they were in a lecture setting. For those who require a lecture setting it may be best to look into a traditional MBA, otherwise the online MBA is an excellent choice for today's professionals.

Top 5 Schools for Online MBA:

While different publications typically have different rankings of online MBA schools, the following are seemingly consistently within the top 5 of almost all rankings, or at most the top 10. Cumulatively these are the most consistently well ranked by various metrics and therefore the top 5 schools for an Online MBA.

  1. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (Kenan-Flagler Business School)
    The Kenan-Flagler Business School offers their online MBA on a minimum 24 month basis. Additionally all applicants will be required for up to 4 weekends of in class sessions.
  2. Indiana University (Kelley School of Business)
    Kelley Business School is one of the very best. Admissions to this school are very competitive and require excellent GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) scores.
  3. University of Florida (Hough Graduate School of Business)
    The Hough Graduate School of Business has two online options for MBA applicants. The first choice is a 27 month MBA for students who are currently taking an undergraduate degree. The second option is a 16 month online option for current professionals.
  4. Temple University (Fox School of Business)
    The Fox School of Business offers a 2 year online MBA. In an attempt to address the weakness of never receiving face to face lectures, Fox School of Business courses have a  live streaming video lectures where the students can ask questions through the video conference. Students can perform most of the activities they would in a real classroom interaction like talking to other students, raising their hands to ask questions, and receive direct responses from their professors.
  5. Arizona State University (W.P. Carey School of Business)
    The online MBA program at Arizona State University will feature the same professors that feature in its lecture counterpart. The Carey School of Business has been active online for a decade and a half and has experience in providing the education MBA candidates require. Students have a choice in how they pursue their MBA. They may take a single course at a time until completion, or multiple courses concurrently.

There are many other schools to receive your online MBA from. Like most education some provide the framework you require for your future, and some fail to meet those standards. When you apply for your online MBA, make sure you choose the right one for you! 

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