The Truth Behind Horoscopes -

The Truth Behind Horoscopes

Many people believe that there is more to the world that what can simply be explained. That while science can explain much, there’s something more and potentially mystic to what occurs in a person’s life.

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One of those mystic abilities is the belief in the stars and the signs. These often manifest themselves in the form of horoscopes.

Horoscopes used to be a small tidbit in a newspaper. The idea was that people could check their horoscope while reading the paper in the morning to help them look out and expect certain things during the day. Some people were more receptive to looking at horoscopes and seeing the results in the real world. Some people simply didn’t believe. But what’s the truth? What spawns a horoscope?

Astrology and Truth

Astrology is all about the position of the stars. Where they are located at a time of year and when a person was born is said to affect a person’s life from day to day. Certain positions can lead to beneficial days, while others are days a person wants to forget. Astrology is said to influence a person’s finances, love life, family, job and really everything.

However, what kind of effect does astrology have on a person? In the past, astrology was thought to have a bigger effect due to the absence of electric light. During a full moon, many people were able to work and gather thanks to the light of the moon. They were unable to do this during the rest of the month. That time spent away later at night tended to throw off a person’s sleep cycle. In turn, they might act erratically. This was often attributed to the placement of the moon and stars, rather than the fact people weren’t sleeping right.

Science disagrees with astrology. It argues that to interact with a person’s life, it needs to do so through “force”. These forces are gravity, nuclear force and electromagnetism. The position of science is that the position of stars does not exhibit any of these forces on a person. Is science right? Probably. But there’s nothing wrong with believing in a horoscope, as long as it’s not taken as doctrine.

Belief Has Its Own Power

There’s one thing to consider when it comes to horoscopes. It’s been proven in studies as well. That thing is that horoscopes work for people who really believe in them, and they have no real effect on people who are skeptics. Medically, this is often called the placebo effect. Essentially, if people believe something should have an effect on them, it does.

Belief in astrology and horoscopes is what causes a lot of people to give credit if a horoscope can be seen as accurate. A horoscope which is vague can be interpreted as correct because a person wants it to be correct. The thing is, this belief in horoscopes can actually help people make their lives better. Their belief in a horoscope may help them have new experiences or take chances they would otherwise shy away from. Belief in a horoscope simply shows a willingness to believe in something and try things.

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