The Wonders of Video Conferencing -

The Wonders of Video Conferencing

The business world has been changing over the last ten years, and perhaps this has been most seen within the modern office space. The ideas of telecommuting, working remotely, and working from home are now not nearly as rare as they once were.

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However along with this evolution in the modern office space, there still comes a time when it's still needed to get into a room with a group of people, and have a real, productive conversation. Enter video conferencing. With the video conferencing suites that are available to today's consumer, it's never been easier to be in the same "room" as someone before, and its applications can be useful both in the business world, as well as in your personal lives.

Benefits of Video Conferencing

The benefits of adopting a good teleconferencing platform are legion, and using the systems will allow your business to reach new heights of collaborative efforts. However some of the benefits are greater than others, and they benefit not just your own business, but they can benefit the lives of your employees, co-workers, and the world itself.

Actively using video conferencing can result in:

  • Improved decision making by reducing the time it takes to discuss ideas.
  • Building trust and a team atmosphere for people who are working remotely.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of having people commute to an office every day.
  • Allows for flexibility in the employee's schedule making their personal lives easier.
  • The ability to attend events and functions while not being at the office.
  • Allows for reducing the size of your workspace by supporting a telecommuting atmosphere.

Other Uses of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing, as innovative and amazing as it has been for the business industry, is also breaking down doors in other fields such as education and medicine.


Doctors have been linking via video conference to get consults from top professionals around the world, ensuring that patients are getting the best possible treatment they can for the ills. Doctors have been using Telehealth services provided by companies like Vidyo, eVisit, Zoom, and suites from Cisco and other major services to meet more and more patients remotely even expanding out their practices to less fortunate countries via the Doctors Without Borders initiative.


Countries have often relied on remote education services to reach their more rural students. The famous Australian School of the Air is an example of one such service, delivering correspondence schooling to children who would otherwise have to consider boarding, or gruelingly long commute times to receive their education. Video conferencing provides an opportunity to revolutionize the learning experience for rural students, by bringing them together virtually within the classroom. The educational uses are not limited to rural students however, with universities beginning to broadcast lectures and reduce classroom sizes, increasing enrollment.

Types of Videoconferencing Software

Every person will have different needs for their videoconferencing needs, but some of the top companies out there also provide free options for you to use and try. One of the most popular videoconferencing suites out there is actually completely free to use: Skype. Here are some popular programs that specialize in videoconferencing.

  • Skype
  • GoToMeeting
  • Cisco
  • Lifesize
  • WebEx
  • GoogleHangouts
  • Highfive
  • Adobe Connect
  • ReadyTalk
  • Zoom
  • TeamViewer
  • Pinnaca
  • Polycom

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