Vehicle Shipping -

Vehicle Shipping

When doing a long distance move or purchasing a vehicle from another part of a country it’s often impractical or impossible to drive your car along with you.

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In these cases you need to ship your car where you are going. Shipping your car can sometimes be time consuming and expensive. Despite the time and expense it’s often the superior alternative. Having to fly to pick up a car and endure a days on end road trip is incredibly expensive and also has a huge opportunity cost associated with the time you’ve spent driving the car for transport instead of working or doing your own thing. Let us examine some of the variables that affect vehicle shipping in an effort to try and understand it all.

Ship your Car Anywhere:

It’s possible to ship your car anywhere. You can ship domestically, continentally and internationally. There are several factors that are going to influence the price of transports as well as the amount of time. We’ll go through the potential factors here.

  1. Shipping Location and Destination - Unsurprisingly, depending on where you are shipping things it’s going to increase the cost. Distance isn’t the only factor. Major cities shipping to major cities can have lower costs. There’s more transport methods between the two and more common shipping methods. It’s easier to ship via train from Chicago to Los Angeles than it is to ship from a small town to another small town.
  2. Size Matters! - Just like shipping a package, if you’re shipping a heavier vehicle it’s going to cost more money. Additionally if you are shipping a larger vehicle it’s going to take up more room. If shipping containers are being used that means it’s going to eat up more of the space and again cost more money.
  3. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! - More people ship their cars during the summer months. Supply and Demand dictates that
  4. Import Tariffs - If you are shipping internationally.

Things to Consider while Shipping Your Car:

  1. Research the company you use - There are going to be many online reviews from past customers. These are more reliable in this instance than before because it’s such an important life move.
  2. Insurance! - The company you hire needs to have the right insurance. You need to make sure that their insurance can cover the value of your vehicle. Additionally you should examine your own insurance. See what kind of coverage your own insurance will give you in case of incidents.
  3. Create photographic evidence - The companies will generally do an inspection with you and note any and all damage. It’s in their interest to show any damage that’s been completed. But in addition you should always sign off on the report and have your own report/evidence of all damage or scratches before the shipping begins.

It can be quite the experience when shipping your vehicle. But in the end it will often save you on time and money from having to do it yourself. Do your research and make the right decisions and everything will go smoothly.

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