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Virtual Offices

The traditional workplace and workspace has been evolving throughout the years. As technology has increased there have been a larger amount of the workforce capable of performing their job from anywhere. 

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This has resulted in less need for the traditional large office space. There has been several alterations. One is the concept of “hive” officing where multiple companies share office space amenities. This is most common for tech companies and especially multiple start ups. There’s also executive lounge spacing. Where companies may have a single executive suite at a location that can be used by the various executives. This option has become less attractive due to often long term lease requirements. Virtual Offices offer an entirely new option. They allow you to have a legitimate office address and phone number that appeal to business. However you do all your work from home and there is no need for you to show up at said office. Virtual offices offer a lot of great features.

Virtual Office Addresses

The virtual addresses allow you to have an address in a certain region. If you’re running a small financial company from your house, it’s great to have a business address located in the heart of your city’s financial district. Here’s the bonuses of the Virtual office address:

  • A Professional Mailbox Address - This allows you to avoid PO boxes which are often not convenient for you.
  • Working Receptionist - This gives you someone who can sign for your crucial packages and documents that require signatures.
  • Document/Mail Scanning - If you authorize it, you can have a handler take your mail, open it and email you all contents or store it on the cloud for your access or both. Then you can decide if you need the contents to be kept physically. If you don’t decide to keep it, everything gets popped in the shredder afterwards.
  • A Physical Rental Area - Most virtual offices will also offer you the ability to rent out a small space to work from if you need to leave your home office and conduct in person business.

Virtual Office Phones

The virtual office phone system allows you to enjoy the benefits of business phones while simply at home. It gives you options. Among those options are:

  • Virtual Assistants - If you’re running a virtual office, doesn’t it make sense to have a virtual assistant? These assistants can answer your phone, schedule meetings and send you reminders. You will need to pay a virtual assistant additional funds but they can be very useful and feel like bargains.
  • Phone Answering Services - This will allow you to either have a human or automated answering service to ensure that you’re not missing any information or calls from your clients or business contacts.
  • Call Centres - If your business needs 24 hour support and you’re running it from home, there may be some issues. Call Centres can be approached and used to provide your customers with the kind of support they need. It’s often a good idea to use domestic call centres. There’s often many complaints about language barriers (often unfairly) so trying to avoid those issues is a smart business decision.

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