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Web Hosting

Anyone can create a website. All you need is an idea and a willingness to create something. There are many web hosting programs out there that will allow your vision to come to life and be shared with the internet.

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The first step is purchasing your domain. This gives you a name and a marker. Your domain isn’t a website. Your domain is an address. But you need that address to be attached to your home. Your web hosting location is your home that the address points to. There are many locations that are willing to host your website so that you can have your input on the internet.


Wordpress is a great host for information websites and blogs. Wordpress has a built in login that will allow you to update and post your information and your pictures. Wordpress will allow you to create your website with a domain supplied by wordpress that is a subdomain of wordpress itself. Alternatively you can go and purchase your own domain from somewhere else. You can then link the domain and your wordpress hosted location together so that people will be directed to your site hosted by wordpress. Wordpress is famous for hosting some of the best blogs on the internet. It’s the first place for beginners to go with their web hosting so they can learn advanced skills.


Drupal comes from an open source software. Drupal is more complex than some of the more basic options like Wordpress. Drupal is incredibly powerful and customizable. Drupal takes more knowledge to use than Wordpress. It’s not for beginners but you don’t need to be the world's biggest expert. You may need a little practice until you get things perfect but it can get done. Because Drupal is open source, there are a lot of customizable free options available. The layout, designs and operations are open to be customized with any open source support. Drupal is excellent at developing mobile website options. This means that you are able to develop your website for computers but also develop your website for all the millions of mobile devices out there. Drupal gives you unsurpassed API support. Considering that API’s are available for so many different websites, it allows you to make your website more friendly and take advantage of the features that come from other websites so you can make yours more appealing.


Godaddy is one of the most famous web hosting operations. Godaddy has managed to become a global leader thanks to their heavy marketing campaigns featuring famous spokespeople and humorous commercials. Their investment in Super Bowl advertising seems to have paid off for them in regards to their traffic. Godaddy is one of the leading websites for purchasing domains. But after you’ve purchased your domain you need a location to host your website so the domain has something to point to. Godaddy provides an excellent customer support system both online and through phones so people who are not as tech savvy as others can still receive the support they need to get their website up and running.

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