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What Are the Treatment Options for Osteoporosis?

There are many people who suffer from Osteoporosis. This terrible disease attacks people in the bones of their body. The brittle bones from osteoporosis are an incredibly danger to people who have them.

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Even the slightest stress on the bones can result in serious fractures and breaks. Osteoporosis attacks bones by making them additionally porous. This is a degenerative disease that continues to get worse.

While the exact cause isn’t known, there are many risk factors. Women are far more likely to end up developing osteoporosis than men are. In addition, race plays a factor. Those of White or Asian descent are far more likely to get the disease. In addition, smaller skeletons have less bone mass and are more likely to get the disease. People who suffer from hormone imbalance are also likely to develop osteoporosis. Finally, other medical issues, side effects of medications, and age play a big roll in potentially getting Osteoporosis.

Treatment Options

There are many options when it comes to treating osteoporosis. The goal of all of the options is fairly simply. Treatment attempts to maximize the potential bone density, thus keeping potential falls or mild stresses from causing painful fractures. So what are the treatment options that are available for people? What follows is an explanation of how people manage to treat their Osteoporosis.


The first aspect of treatment is typically medication. For anyone who is at a high risk of breaking a bone in the near future, medication is almost always the choice from a doctor for treatment. There are a wide variety of medications that may be prescribed, so anyone should check with their doctor first.

The danger of medication therapy is of course the side effects. Many people suffer from side effects when they don’t take their medication properly or if it just reacts with their body. There are many common side effects like nausea, stomach pain and heartburn. Sometimes, the thigh bone has been known to sensitive to fractures. The jawbone can also suffer problems from side effects.

One interesting aspect of medication therapy is that in may be injected instead of just taking pills. This means that sometimes, patients may be able to receive a single injection for several months worth of medication treatment. This makes it far more convenient.

Hormone Therapy:

Instead of medication, many people can benefit from hormone therapy. Women after menopause are at great risk of Osteoporosis due to their reduced hormone levels. Hormone therapy can replace these issues. Unfortunately, while these treatments can help with bone density, there are some side effects that are less than enjoyable for the treated.

Lifestyle Changes

In addition to receiving treatment from a medical professional, many people handle their osteoporosis by making significant and important changes to their lifestyle. By living a better lifestyle, there is the opportunity to minimize the potential of Osteoporosis. Some of the common lifestyle options are:

  • Stop Smoking - Smoking has proven to increase bone loss. By stopping smoking, those with Osteoporosis are taking the first step to ensure that they are going to be healthy for longer.

  • Diet Changes - People with Osteoporosis will often choose a calcium rich diet. This once again assists bones in gaining strength.

  • Alcohol Moderation - People who consume too much alcohol can increase the rate of bone loss. In addition, those who have had too much to drink will often lose coordination and fall, increasing the chance of fractures and pain.

  • Fall Prevention - This can take several forms. The first would be fall proofing a home. Ensuring that slippery surfaces are covered and trip hazards like wires are safely placed are a must. In addition, falls can be prevented through proper and safe footwear.

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