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What's the Most Popular Places to Get Tattoos?

Getting a tattoo is a commitment. That tattoo is going to be on your body and shown off for life, barring some expensive and incredibly painful laser surgery.

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Making the choice to get a tattoo says that you want to express yourself visually. For some people, every tattoo is a statement about their life and beliefs. For other people, it just looks really cool!

One of the hardest choices is picking the spot on your body that you want to get your tattoo. Some people choose a location based on how much it might hurt to get the tattoo. Some people choose a location because of the design of the tattoo. Others choose it because they feel it’s one of the good spots on their body. Regardless of the reason, there’s some places that are chosen quite often. Here are some of the most popular places to get tattoos.

1 - Inner Wrist

This is a very common tattoo location for small tattoos. Part of the reason is that it’s easily hidden through shirts or accessories. The small size appeals to many people. The inner wrist is considered a very personal location, since it is easily viewed by the person themself and is perhaps more difficult for others to see. It’s also not that painful.

2 - Inner Arm

Sliding up from the inner wrist is the inner arm. Moderate to medium size tattoos fit here very well. It’s a pretty popular option for people who don’t want it to be completely exposed. However, an inner arm can be pretty difficult to hide if that’s something that needs to be considered.

3 - Lower Back

While the days of the tramp stamp seem to have wound down for the most part, the lower back is still widely popular. Some people choose to continue with getting symmetrical tattoos in the region, but for the most part, things are more diverse now.

4 - Upper Back/Lower Neck

This is a large area where many people will get a tattoo that contains a lot of words or a phrase. It’s an open canvas that isn’t quite as painful as some other spots. On the downside, it’s in a very awkward location for the person themselves to attend to.

5 - Chest

The chest is arguably the most common spot for men to get rather large tattoos. Chest tattoos are easily hidden by shirts, and considering that it’s mostly male tattoos in the area. Chest tattoos are often the most bold of any kind of tattoo. They are large and can make gigantic statements. Chest tattoos can be expensive and time consuming, so it’s good to know what you’re getting in to.

6 - Spine

It may seem weird, but the spine is a very popular location for tattoos. It’s been influenced by several celebrities who have gotten them. Spainal tattoos will run vertically, and stay very thin. While it’s common for people to use the spine for words and phrases, there are other eye catching designs that are used.

7 - Finger

Finger tattoos are small and personal. Often, they are used in the location that people wear rings to show off a tattoo equivalent to them. There is a downside to finger tattoos, as they can be very very painful. Since the bones are so close to the skin in this area, it’s fairly unavoidable.

8 - Torso

This is mostly referring to the side of the torso. It’s become one of the most popular locations for women to get a tattoo. Side torso tattoos will often run all the way from the waist and up to the armpit. It’s a wide soft canvas that’s fantastic for scrolls or other artwork.

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