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Which Classifieds Work Best For You?

Classified ads have been a staple of commerce for as long as there have been newspapers. The concept of bartering goods for others was the original basis of an economy.

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Then came the exchange of currency for them. The use of classifieds allowed people to reach a larger potential sales group for their items. It’s made transactions easy.

As their popularity grew, classifieds became useful in other ways. Many businesses would use classifieds as a way to post job postings. This became the go to way in the past to find a new job during the boom of the newspaper era. Like almost every form of information, the internet has changed how classifieds work. While newspapers still have classified ads in them, online postings and boards have become some of the most popular places on the internet. But that brings up a lot of questions. Hopefully this can answer many of the questions you have.

The 6 Questions

1. Do Newspapers Still do Classified Ads?

A: The short answer is “absolutely”. The longer answer is that the lower circulation in newspapers does mean that the classifieds in them are less effective. Newspapers charged by the word, so brevity was always important. If selling via classifieds, consider the market for them. The average age of newspaper readers continues to rise.

2. How Do You Buy or Sell Through Classifieds?

A: One thing about classified ads is they are often simple private sales. This can often mean the use of cash. It’s always important to discuss with the other half of the transaction how it shall be completed so there is no confusion. PayPal and other services can also streamline the transfer of money quite easily.

3. Where is the Best Places Online to Find Classified Ads?

A: The number of websites available with classified ads continues to increase by the day. Craigslist functions as a very obvious website that mostly stays true to form of the original classifieds. Ads are often very short and text only. Sales tend to include pictures to lure buyers to the item. eBay also has a large classified section, though there’s still the auction option as well. There are also others like Oodle, Kijiji, Gumtree and OLX.

4. Is Using Classified Ads Dangerous?

A: Sadly, there’s nothing that can’t be abused by the wrong people these days. If there’s money involved, scams are not far behind. Beware anything in a classified ad that is too good to be true. Don’t give out any personal information you are not comfortable with having seen by many people.

5. What Can Be Bought With Classified Ads?

A: There’s almost anything that can be purchased through the classified ad process. There are a huge number of options out there. Electronics are very common as people upgrade or need to resize things. People often find their new pet through a classified ad that goes up after a batch of puppies or kittens are born. There are countless people driving around in the car they picked up off of a classifieds website or newspaper. Just search for what you need. It’s probably there.

6. Are Classifieds Still a Good Way to Find a Job?

A: It’s true that job listing websites are the number one way in which people find jobs these days. However, many opportunities are still listed in classified ads. This is especially true for shorter term positions or odd jobs. If someone is merely looking to make a little money with a side hustle, classifieds are a great choice.

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