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Which Store is Perfect for Your New Baby Registry?

There’s nothing more exciting than the upcoming birth of a new child. A new life means endless opportunities for the child. While pregnancy is difficult physically, the support of friends and family makes it a great time.

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One of the best moments is during the baby shower. Having all of your loved ones around you showing their love for you and your new child is an incredible experience. It also helps that there can be some wonderful baby gifts to help the baby have everything it could possibly need moving forward. There are many stores which allow guests to easily find the right gift and ensure nothing is ever duplicated. These baby registries are the perfect way to ensure the baby is ready to go forward with presents that fit every guests budget. These stores offer some of the very best baby registries:

1 - Target

Target is one of the most popular baby registries in the world. The thousands of stores across the nation make it very convenient to get to and see items in person. Target’s online presence is strong. There’s some serious benefits to using the Target gift registry. Any item that’s unpurchased immediately has a 15% coupon applied to it for the parents after the baby arrives. The return policy is also excellent, allowing defective returns for up to a year later. In addition, Target has the ability to allow multiple people to contribute to large ticket items. This ensures everyone can buy a gift, regardless of their budget.

2 - IKEA

Not many people think baby and IKEA at the same time. However, the IKEA baby registry is actually one of the best out there for the items it offers. Items like cribs, high chairs and changing tables are often expensive, but IKEA prices are wonderful. IKEA also has a surprisingly high number of toys available. The only downside is no diapers!

3 - Amazon

It’s not surprising that Amazon has a wonderful baby registry system. Due to the sheer volume of items, it can sometimes be difficult to choose items, but once chosen, it’s fantastic. The beauty of Amazon baby registration is that it encompasses every store that sells on Amazon. Amazon Prime members even get some free gifts and discounts as well.

4 - Crate & Kids (Crate & Barrel)

The Crate & Barrel baby registry is mostly available online. It offers very high quality items for the baby and some high end cribs. In addition to the furniture, there is all the decor that will be needed. It can be pricey, so it’s good that there is a group contribution ability so that many people can chip in for the big ticket items. The downside to Crate & Kids is that it’s only available in store in about 40 locations across the country. It’s harder to head into the store and check it out before buying.

5 - Babylist

This registry is completely unlike all of the others on this list. Rather than create a registry at a single location, a Babylist baby registry will instead allow the expectant parents to register anything from any online store. This allows a person to register specialty items, or just choose the best bargains for their friends and family to choose from. It can be hard to beat the prices on Costco diapers after all. In addition, non-retail items can be set up as a registry. This can be something as simple as some home cooked meals or looking after pets while the baby is being born. It really offers an all encompassing baby registry for the entire experience.

6 - Pottery Barn Kids

If you’re a big fan of the style that Pottery Barn offers to adults, then the Kids version is a perfect place to design a nursery through a registry. A more expensive, but stylish selection is available for those who have a specific taste. Parents get a 20% discount on anything that was on the registry and remain unpurchased for 6 months following the birth of the child. Items can even be added during this time, but still qualify for that lovely discount.

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