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Wine Gifts & Baskets

Giving a bottle of wine as a host or hostess gift is always appreciated, but there are many wine gifts and baskets available that will leave a greater impression.

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Wine gifts and baskets allow you to choose the wine, goodies and accessories for the gift, allowing you to customize it to the recipient. Keep reading to find out how to choose or create a thoughtful wine gift that will impress and be enjoyed.

Choosing a wine gift doesn’t have to be difficult. The first thing that you are going to want to do is determine your budget. Wine gifts come at many different prices depending on the type of wine included, goodies and size. Once you have determined your budget, you can begin to choose from premade wine gifts or can create a gift basket yourself.

Prepared Wine Gifts and Baskets

There are many wine gifts and baskets that you can choose from that have already been thoughtfully selected and prepared. You can choose from a variety of different wine gifts that may include wine, gourmet crackers, spreads, cheeses, candies, chocolates, wine glasses, wine openers, stuffed animals, cards, cork screws, coffee and much more. These prepared wine gift baskets are beautifully packaged with a variety of different styles to choose from. A prepared wine basket is a great choice for Christmas gifts, giveaways, host/hostess gifts, corporate events and more.

Custom Wine Gifts

  • Types of Wine
    • There are many different types of wine to choose from including red, white, sparkling, kosher, aged and much more. You can choose wine from many different countries including Italy, France, New Zealand and Chile. You can also include a few bottles of wine for larger gift baskets or you can choose a large bottle your recipient’s favorite wine.
  • Goodies
    • There are many types of goodies that you can add to your custom wine basket. Some of the most popular goodies that are added to wine baskets include:
      • Chocolates
      • Cork Screw
      • Stuffed animals
      • Gourmet foods and spreads
      • Wine glasses
      • Candles
      • Wine glasses
      • Sports merchandise
      • Corporate items-golf balls, pens, mugs, hats
      • Candy
  • Baskets
    • Creating your own custom basket allows you to choose what type of decorative container or basket will hold your gift. There are many different options when it comes to containing your gift including galvanized buckets, straw baskets, picnic style baskets and more. You can choose the size, style and color of the basket as well allowing you to fully create the look you want.

Special Occasions

There are many different holidays and occasions that a wine gift or basket would be the perfect gift for. You can choose a prepared wine basket or customize your basket. Some of the most popular wine gifts include:

  • Valentine’s Day
    • May include wine, chocolates, plush stuffed animals, candles and flowers
  • Christmas
    • May include wine, gourmet foods and spreads, Christmas ornaments and decorations
  • Corporate Events
    • May include wine, branded swag, pens, notepads, hats, beer openers and more
  • Easter
    • May include wine, candies, chocolates, stuffed animals and more

Other common occasions that you may want to consider ordering a wine gift or basket for include housewarmings, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and more. A wine gift or basket can allow you to customize and prepare a thoughtful gift that will be greatly appreciated by the recipient.

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